Dogs with Jobs

With 220 million scent receptors in their nose, dogs have a keen sense of smell that allows them to quickly determine the absence or presence of explosive scents. Launched in 2010, the Transit Police Dog Service plays an important role in the delivery of a safe and resilient transit system.

In recent years, mass transportation systems around the world have been subject to terrorist attacks. The threat of an attack on public transit is a reality and, therefore, a concern for Transit Police. While officers are specially trained to identify suspicious behaviour that may be linked to terrorist activity, explosive scent detection dogs provide an important role in counter-terrorism and resiliency strategies.

The Police Dog Service is comprised of four Labradors: Lucie, Cruiser, Kona and Diesel. Characterized by their great disposition, consistent drive, adaptability and strong desire to search, these dogs are trained in the detection of explosive scents.  We respond quickly to potential threats and routinely conduct preventative patrols in often crowded transit hubs and SkyTrain stations.

Training primarily takes place in and around transit locations. The skills of the dogs and handlers are constantly being maintained and on occasion, the Transit Police Dog Service is called upon to assist other police agencies.

The use of explosive detection dogs means that suspicious packages can be handled quickly, transit stations remain open and service disruptions are minimized.

With four extra noses patrolling the system, these canines help prevent potentially dangerous activity before it occurs.

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