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Safety Tips

Everyone who uses or works on the transit system deserves to feel safe. With half a million transit journeys taking place every day, we rely on passenger reports to let us know where we are needed most. If you see something, say something, and help us keep transit safe for everyone.

Read below for our recommended transit safety tips, or watch the video

General Safety Tips

Know where and how to get help

  • Familiarize yourself with safety features on all modes of transit

  • Let transit staff know if you feel unsafe or need help

  • Report non emergency police issues directly to Transit Police: call 604-515-8300 or text 87-77-77
    We will ask you for your location, vehicle number, direction of travel, and what’s going on

  • In an emergency, always call 9-1-1

Be prepared

  • Plan which route you will take before you leave home and give yourself plenty of time to avoid feeling rushed

  • Use the Trip Planner to find out the start and finish times and frequency for SeaBus, SkyTrain, buses, etc., so you aren’t left stranded or waiting for extended periods of time

  • Consider planning a backup route in case there’s a delay on your primary route. Sign up for Transit Alerts.

  • When travelling in a group, arrange a meeting point in case you get separated. Don’t rely on mobile phones — they can get lost or run out of battery power

Stay aware

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Watch for things like people rushing, buses and bikes at transit hubs.

  • If using earbuds, consider leaving one out so that you can still hear what’s going on around you

  • Avoid poorly lit or isolated areas. Use the Designated Waiting Area at Expo, Millennium and Canada Line stations

Keep your valuables safe

  • Keep valuable out of sight in a zipped up bag or backpack

  • Be careful with electronic devices, especially around vehicle doorways

  • On board vehicles, remove your backpack and place it at your feet

Plan your seat

  • Sit in an aisle seat when travelling alone so you don’t get trapped or cornered if someone who makes you feel uncomfortable sits next to you

  • If you are sitting on a vehicle with only a few passengers and someone comes and sits next to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, immediately change seats

  • Sit near the front or middle of the bus, close to the bus operator

Traveling with children

  • Hold onto the hands of children, especially when boarding and exiting vehicles

  • If they are old enough, make a plan with your child about what to do if they get separated from you

If someone is bothering you

  • Move Away. Go to another part of the platform, move closer to the bus operator on board a bus, or switch train cars at the next station

  • Share your concerns with transit staff or Transit Police

  • If there is an immediate threat to your safety, always call 911

Download our printable “Transit Safety” brochure in PDF

Safety Features on the transit system

Expo Line, Millennium Line and Canada Line

  • Yellow silent alarm strip that runs along the window will summon help when pushed

  • Intercom found near doors will let you speak directly to the control centre

  • Emergency cabinets on platforms include an emergency phone

  • Designated waiting areas on platforms have good lighting and emergency cabinets

  • Staff can often be found near ticket machines or on platforms

  • CCTV cameras are located in stations and on board most vehicles


  • Bus operator is able to call for emergency help if needed

  • CCTV cameras on board most vehicles


  • Marine Attendants can be found on board every vessel and at terminals

  • In case of emergency, lifejackets can be found under the seats on board the SeaBus

West Coast Express

  • Hosts can be found on platforms

  • Each vehicle has four intercoms that connect to the engineer

  • Yellow strips over the windows can summon a conductor if needed

  • Stations have CCTV cameras

Video: Metro Vancouver Transit Police transit safety tips

Have you experienced or witnessed a crime?

If you have experienced something on transit that made you feel unsafe, have been a victim of crime, or experienced any other incident or disorder, Transit Police is here to help you.

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