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Everyone has the right to feel safe on public transit

More than half of Canadian women over the age of 16 report having some form of unwanted sexual contact. Sadly, only 10 percent of victims ever report incidents of unwanted sexual attention. Too often, mass transit systems provide busy and crowded environments that offenders use to find potential victims.

Transit Police is committed to preventing these types of crimes by raising awareness, fostering stronger partnerships and through the careful management of repeat offenders.


Providing presentations to vulnerable persons such as students and new Canadians, we focus on reducing victimization by raising awareness and building relationships that enhance reporting. Transit Police is committed to taking every incident of unwanted sexual behaviour very seriously and investigating all reports thoroughly.

Text 87-77-77, use the OnDuty app or call 604-515-8300 to discreetly report non-emergency issues. Should you or anyone else feel threatened always call 911. Find out more about how to report a non-emergency issue to Transit Police.


Transit Police work in collaboration with the Chief’s Community Council (CCC) advisory group to increase the effectiveness of public awareness campaigns. As well, our specially trained officers deliver education and awareness programs to groups within the transit community. Find out more about Transit Police Community Outreach. These partnerships play a role in helping us to identify and reach vulnerable people groups with the goal of encouraging reporting.

Managing repeat offenders

Transit Police has an established offender management program. Each offender identified by the program is closely monitored for compliance with release conditions and subjected to regular review in order to reduce the chances of re-offending. Some offenders may not be prolific in one city, but may actually become prolific when examined in relation to transit, as they commit their offences throughout the region. Read more about the Crime Reduction Unit.

Arrest of Connor at Commercial Broadway

Video: See Something, Say Something! Companion to Women’s Safety Training