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Community Policing Model

Did you know that our officers usually patrol the same areas each day? It’s called walking the beat. It’s a community-focused approach that allows us to maintain a consistent presence and helps us to:

  • Build trust and get to know people

  • Protect vulnerable people

  • Prevent crime and target problem issues

  • Work in  partnership with our jurisdictional policing colleagues and community groups in the area

  • Increase collaboration with passengers, local businesses and staff teams

The model was developed with help from the Police Studies Program at Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology and launched in early 2015.

Our Community Policing Teams have specialist knowledge of the areas they work in and understand the particular needs of each community.  This approach translates into a safer journey for all passengers and safer workplace for transit staff. Visit the Community Teams page to learn more about your local team.

Everyone plays a part in helping to keep transit safe. If you see something, say something. We take each report we receive seriously and are committed to keeping transit safe and secure for all.

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