Discreetly report a problem by texting 87-77-77

Transit Police has a report-by-text (SMS) system where passengers can message Transit Police from a mobile phone in real time. Texts are received by our dispatchers 24/7 and they can respond appropriately.


When do I use the text service?

Text 87-77-77 or call 604-515-8300 when you want to contact Transit Police about any issue that doesn’t require an emergency response. For example, text when:

  • You want to tell us about an incident that has already happened
  • You want to tell us about issues affecting your trip or transit station/stop
  • You have a general police enquiry related to Transit Police

What do I say?

Tell us about the nature of the incident, the location and the direction of travel. For example:

“Aggressive man on the SkyTrain heading eastbound, now at Lougheed Station. It is car 014. He is threatening people. He is about 5’11” tall, wearing a black baseball cap, ripped jeans and jean jacket. He looks about 25.”

  • It is helpful to provide the following types of information:
  • Your location and direction of travel
  • The number of the bus, train or route you’re on
  • A physical description of any individuals involved
  • Any extra details that would help us identify an individual or respond effectively to the incident

The message will be immediately received by Transit Police dispatchers. We will acknowledge the receipt of your text and likely respond with follow up questions. We take all reports seriously and dispatch officers as required.

The fastest way to get help during an emergency is to call 9-1-1. An in-progress crime or incident where personal safety is at risk would be examples of when to call 9-1-1. There is information that our dispatchers are trained to gather in these situations which cannot be gathered quickly by text.

Text messages are monitored 24/7 by our dispatchers, however, because we cannot guarantee that texts are received immediately we will not know if the emergency is current and/or ongoing. We will send officers to respond when appropriate but you should always call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

Standard rates may apply. There may be an additional charge over what a mobile customer would normally be charged for local text messages. Check with your wireless provider if short codes like this carry an automatic extra charge.

No, we cannot receive images or video clips via our text number.

Text 87-77-77 or call 604-515-8300 to report any offence or suspicious activity on or related to transit—we will coordinate a response with local police if there are no Transit Police officers nearby. Our dispatch systems are all connected and the police department that is in the best position to respond will do so.

Like any non-emergency or 911 calls to police, we ask for your name. This adds credibility to your call and provides better evidence for officers to take action. To make a truly anonymous tip on a crime not in progress, contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or visit their website: solvecrime.ca

We have a process in place to ensure that our police partners are made aware of anything that is reported to us outside areas we serve.