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Our Operations Communications Centre (OCC) is commonly known as “dispatch”, though the scope of work done by the OCC's Police Communications Operators goes beyond that of dispatchers.

Our Police Communications Operators perform a variety of telecommunications duties to assist Transit Police officers in support of the general public. The operators are the direct connection between the public, our officers and other emergency or social services that are needed at any given time in dealing with public safety or criminal incidents on the transit system. Our OCC operators respond to calls for service or public inquiries 24/7. They then evaluate, prioritize and dispatch calls to officers across the transit system. Operators take reports by phone and text, and provide time-sensitive information to police while also coordinating with other agencies across the Lower Mainland. Operators use a variety of police databases such as CAD, CPIC and Prime in support of police activities while concurrently monitoring officers deployed across the entire transit system for safety and availability.

Police Communications Operators

Police Communications Operators working in the OCC enjoy a compressed work week of 4 days of 10.5 hour shifts, followed by 4 days off.

Salary and benefits

  • Starting wage of $40.57 per hour

  • Membership in the Transit Police Professional Association (mandatory)

  • Provincial Pension Plan

  • Physical training facilities

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

  • Continuing education subsidies

  • Dental and Vision Care Plan

  • Group life Insurance

  • Basic and Extended Health Plan

  • Employee unlimited transit pass; spouse/dependent pass

Applicant Requirements

  • Successful completion of the Communications Operator Trainee program, OR

  • Prior work experience as a police dispatcher

Communications Operator Trainee Program

Our paid training program will prepare you for the fast-paced career as a Transit Police Communications Operator in six months. Our next class is scheduled for May 2024. Please check back for details, coming soon!

Currently hiring

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