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Community Safety Officer

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Email: recruiting@transitpolice.bc.ca

Phone: 604.516.7421

If you have questions, or if you would like to book an in-person meeting with one of our recruiters to learn more, please get in touch.

As a Community Safety Officer (CSO), you will work alongside Transit Police Officers, gaining relevant experience for a career in law enforcement. Governed by the provisions of the BC Police Act, you will serve as a designated Peace Officer, entrusted with key tasks that support the work of Transit Police Officers. As you build relationships with transit staff and the community, you will gain unique insights into policing in a transit environment.

A Community Safety Officer has a male suspect under arrest

Partners in Transit Safety

Community Safety Officers help us deliver a community-focused approach to keeping transit safe. In addition to regular patrol duties, CSOs will assist with tasks such as the collection of video evidence, outside perimeter security at police incidents, traffic control, providing support at major events and emergencies, and many other diverse responsibilities. CSOs have strong customer service skills, know first aid and have the skills to help address the social and policing issues found on and around the transit system in Metro Vancouver.


  • Provide a uniformed, high visibility presence on the transit system

  • Respond to low risk calls for assistance and public safety incidents on the transit system

  • Enforce transit rules and regulations to maintain public safety of transit vehicles and property

  • Support fare enforcement on the transit system

  • Assist with low-risk crime prevention activities, strategies and programs in collaboration with transit operating companies and community partners 

  • Assist police officers in performing law enforcement and investigation duties when required. 

  • Conduct foot and vehicle patrols on the transit system, including buses, bus loops, SkyTrain, exchanges and SeaBus

  • Assist with police investigations by canvassing for witnesses and video

  • Assist with tagging and processing lost property

  • Assist with crowd and traffic control in relation to incidents on transit or involving transit vehicles

  • Use police information systems and complete appropriate statements and reports

Basic qualifications

  • 19 years or older

  • Grade 12 diploma or equivalent

  • No criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted

  • No adult criminal charges pending

  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Meet our visual acuity standards

    • Outlined in application form (Page 18)

  • Meet our hearing standards

    • Hearing loss no greater than 30dB in both ears in the 500-3000 HZ range

  • Keyboarding certificate of at least 25 words per minute required, obtained from an accredited learning institution or through ratatype.com

  • Valid First Aid Certificate

    • CPR-C Level

  • A demonstrated fit and healthy lifestyle

  • Ability to successfully undergo an extensive background investigation involving workplace, personal, financial and neighbourhood enquiries

  • A valid Class 5 driver’s license, in good standing

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Post secondary education

  • Knowledge of a second language or culture

  • Law enforcement related work experience

  • Work experience that demonstrates conflict resolution, initiative, customer service skills, integrity and interpersonal skills

  • Community volunteer experience

  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team

Application Process

Applicants will be subject to the following steps. These steps may not be in the specific order listed.

  • Completion of Community Safety Officer Application Form

    • It is important to answer each question accurately and truthfully

    • Providing false, incomplete, or incorrect information may result in disqualification

  • Written Exam see sample exam here

    • Must achieve a score of 50% or more

  • POPAT – All candidates must complete the required course in no more than 4 minutes and 45 seconds

  • Completion of the Integrity Lifestyle questionnaire – This questionnaire covers all aspects of your history. It includes answering questions that may be uncomfortable. We understand that many people have had issues in their past that they are not proud of. For the most part these issues will not prevent you from becoming a Community Safety Officer given the context and length of time since the event. A failure to disclose these items in most cases will prevent the candidate from proceeding in the recruitment process.

  • Intake interview by Recruiting Unit

    • In-depth and extensive interview  by 2 Recruiting Unit investigators regarding all aspects of your application and background.  This panel interview will last 2 to 3 hours.

  • Medical Exam

  • Psychologist interview

  • Polygraph

  • Background investigation

  • File review and approval by Chief Officer

Salary and Benefits


Step 1 –$36.56/hr (hire rate)

Step 2 – $37.29/hr (after graduation – approx. 5 months after hire date)

Step 3 - $38.05/hr (completion of probation at 18 months after hire date)

  • Membership in the Transit Police Professional Association (mandatory)

  • Physical training facilities

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

  • Continuing education subsidies

  • Employee unlimited transit pass; spouse/dependent pass

  • Full time regular hours: 40 hours per week with various shift schedules

  • Full benefits

  • Eligible to make contributions to pension immediately upon being hired

Cost and Fees

The following are costs you can expect to incur as a result of gathering the required resources to submit with your application package. The following prices are estimates based on an applicant located within the Province of British Columbia

  • Vision exam: $88.00

  • Proof of typing speed: $20.00

  • Basic First Aid and CPR (unless already certified) $85.00

  • Academic transcripts: $6.00 to $10.00

  • POPAT: $60.00 – 80.00

Transit Police do not provide reimbursement for any costs. Please note, at any point during the process your application can be removed for failure to successfully complete any part of the recruiting process.


If you are successful with your application and offered a position as a CSO with Transit Police, you will be sworn in and enter into 17 weeks of paid training including 10 weeks in a classroom and seven weeks of field training.

How to Apply

If you think you have the necessary skills required to become a Community Safety Officer, fill out our Community Safety Officer Application form and follow the instructions.

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