Image of Officer Jenny Chung On a Bus

Where we serve

Transit Police is the only dedicated police service in Canada focused on reducing crime and disorderly behavior in and around the public transportation system. Patrolling 134 km of rail, 57 stations, 1,400 buses and 200 bus routes, we serve 21 diverse communities and one First Nation.

Transit Police ensure transit community safety and security on:

  • SkyTrain & Canada Line with 68.5 kms of guideway and 49 stations
  • West Coast Express with 65 kms of track and eight stations
  • Coast Mountain Bus with 1800 square kms of bus service that includes 200 routes
  • SeaBus with three ferries traveling between downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver

Our patrols are mostly focused on light rail systems but we investigate transit-related crime throughout the Lower Mainland.

Transit Police works collaboratively with each of the jurisdictional police departments in order to provide seamless policing across communities.

How we serve

We are committed to providing safety and security for everyone who uses or works on and around public transit. Our community-based policing approach is the cornerstone of the Transit Police strategy.

Beat-style policing allows us to build partnerships and foster relationships with passengers, transit staff, community and government partners and the region’s jurisdictional police partners.

These relationships are integral to our ability to deliver on our four Operational Priorities:

Our authority

Transit Police officers are designated provincial police officers, which means they have full police powers throughout the province of British Columbia, 24/7, on and off duty – the same as municipal police officers in British Columbia. Their authority is not restricted to transit property or transit-related incidents. In fact, as fully-qualified police officers, Transit Police officers are required to act when they come across an incident, no matter where it occurs, especially in order to protect life or property.