Metro Vancouver Transit Police is the only transit police service in Canada, a multi-jurisdictional policing agency dedicated to the provision of policing to the transit system in Metro Vancouver. Transit Police jurisdiction is the entire transportation service region – an area crossing twenty-one municipalities and one First Nation, served by a combination of seventeen independent police forces and RCMP detachments.

Transit Police Officers at Broadway/Commericial

186 officers and 87 civilians are responsible for 148 km of rail, 63 stations, about 2000 buses, 245 bus routes and one passenger ferry route, spread out over 1800 square kilometres.

Transit Police strategizes on how to protect those who may be vulnerable on the system in an effort to reduce victimization and increase safety for customers and staff.

Transit Police work to ensure that both the people using the system and TransLink resources receive appropriate police protection. We actively work to reduce crime and disorder by identifying hot spot locations. We are proud to work in partnership with jurisdictional police, TransLink and other transit community partners.