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Strategy, Commitment & Values

Our Strategy

The Transit Police strategy is grounded in the belief that community partnerships give us the edge in fighting crime and disorderly behavior.  Our strategy is supported by three pillars:


The transit system’s expansive geography uniquely enables Transit Police to build strong relationships with all cross regional policing partners in Metro Vancouver to improve public safety. To address local, regional and international threats to the transit system, Transit Police will participate in joint-agency policing opportunities and be embedded in planning for transit growth.

Engaged Community

As the breadth of people and places served by the transit system expands, we will seek the expertise of our enterprise and community partners to ensure transit users can access the services they need when they need them. We will work with neighbourhood partners to ensure transit hubs are safe spaces within the community, while also improving perceptions of safety on transit for all.

Modern Policing

To best serve transit users, our workforce culture must transition to a distinct and collaborative approach for policing the transit system. This shift will impact how we are governed, and how we hire, deploy, promote and retain our employees. Every employee should report to a leader they trust, who provides an environment of open communication and where employee ideas are sought and valued.

We are committed

Transit Police is committed to taking every report seriously and investigating thoroughly to ensure that everyone who uses or works on transit feels safe and is safe. We will continue to foster relationships that build on community safety with transit, community and policing partners.

Transit Police continue to develop innovative ways to deliver the safest possible public transit network. In 2015, we changed our patrol deployment significantly. Our Community Policing Model enables us to address the needs of transit communities on a localized level so that we can promote safety, maintain order, investigate crime, develop strong partnerships, and resolve issues.

We are accountable to the public

The conduct of Transit Police officers falls under the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner and Independent Investigations Office. Complaints are managed by our Professional Standards Unit investigators.

We are values driven

At the heart of everything we do are our core values that guide and support each interaction we have with passengers, transit employees and the communities we serve.

Our Core Values


We will steadfastly adhere to a strict ethical code and be open, honest and fair in all interactions.


We will pursue the highest professional standards and do our very best to conduct ourselves in the manner expected by our partners and the community we serve.


We will communicate with our partners and the community on our goals, achievements and results, and be fiscally responsible.


We will treat everyone fairly and with compassion, respect and dignity. We will value differences between people and communities.


We will be highly motivated and committed to collaboration, shared leadership and trust, and combine our energy and expertise to keep the transit system safe and secure.

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