If you are a member of a recognized police service in Canada, and are interested in a career change but want to remain in policing, Transit Police can offer you a variety of opportunities.  Whether it is our patrol divisions, Crime Reduction Unit, other specialty units or working as part of an integrated law enforcement team, the Transit Police Service offers you the chance to grow along with us. We offer an exciting unique style of policing on and around Metro Vancouver’s fast growing transit system.

We are a multi-jurisdictional police service working alongside our policing partners in the effort to make the transit system safe and secure.  We work to reassure the communities and citizens we serve that their safety is our priority.

For more information including benefits and the application process, please visit the Recruit Officers page.

Lateral Candidates

Candidates from within British Columbia who are currently working for a municipal police department, designated policing unit, designated law enforcement unit or the provincial police force may satisfy the definition of qualified or certified constable and would therefore not be required to go through the exemption process.

Exemption Candidates

Candidates from within Canada may be exempted from blocks 1, 2 and 3 of the Police Recruit Training Program while international candidates may be exempted from block 3 only.

If the Ministry of Public Safety’s director of police services is satisfied that the candidate is eligible for consideration, the director will refer the candidate to the Police Academy for examinations and testing of skills.

How to Apply

Please download and follow the instructions on our Exempt/Lateral Employment Application form.

Questions? Email us at recruiting@transitpolice.bc.ca