If you are successful with your application and offered a position with Transit Police, you will be sworn in prior to attending the Justice Institute of BC Police Academy in New Westminster.

At the Police Academy, you will be learning and training alongside recruits from the eleven municipal police departments and two Designated Policing Units – Transit Police and Stl’atl’imx Tribal Police. Recruits all receive the same curriculum regardless of their home agency.

The Recruit Training program is composed of three separate “blocks” of training:

Block I

The first block is 13 weeks long and takes place at the Police Academy. Subjects include driver training, firearms, arrest and control, investigation and patrol techniques, legal studies, physical fitness, foot drill (dress and deportment), and an introduction to the social sciences.

Block II

Recruits returns to their home agency for 13 to 17 weeks, depending on academy schedules. Recruits work under a specially-trained constable (field trainer) selected for their experience and willingness to teach. The trainer ensures the recruit is exposed to as much variety in police work as possible and is able to apply what they learned in Block I. With Transit Police, you will focus on foot beat policing techniques, how we coordinate response to moving incidents and much more. Block II gives the recruit the experience needed to return to the academy and receive the remainder of their training.

Block III

Block III is a further eight weeks of training at the academy where recruits build on Blocks I & II. After experience in the field, recruits complete their training with more specific subjects and final assessments which ensure their readiness for graduation. Successful completion of block III means recruits graduate as qualified municipal constables under the BC Police Act.

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