Police Report Requests

The Information Access & Privacy unit can provide a copy of a police report to you if you have reported or been involved in a property offence. Examples include:

  • Theft

  • Theft from auto

  • Theft of auto

  • Lost property/Passport

  • Mischief (vandalism)

  • Break and enter

  • Motor vehicle accidents/collisions

Requests by Mail

Requests can be mailed to Transit Police, accompanied by the processing fee of $52.50* (taxes included) via a money order or certified cheque payable to “TSML” (personal cheques are not accepted).

*Please note the fee is waived for tourists visiting the region. You will be asked to provide evidence of tourist status.

Complete the Request for Police Report Form or send a written request with the following details:

  • Police file number

  • Full name and current address

  • Telephone number where you can be reached

  • Location where the incident occurred

  • Type of incident that took place

  • Any other relevant details that may assist us in locating the incident

Please submit your completed form and payment to:

Information Access & Privacy Unit
Metro Vancouver Transit Police
300-287 Nelson’s Court
New Westminster, BC V3L 0E7

Requests by Email

Please email either a completed Police Report Request Form or the above noted details and government issued photo ID to informationaccess@transitpolice.bc.ca

Once your report is ready for collection, the staff will contact you with a pick-up date and time (please note, it can take up to 30 days to process a request). DO NOT attend the Transit Police front counter until you have been contacted, as your request will not have been processes and therefore your report will not be ready.)

Upon collection, you must bring your payment of $52.50 (exact change or certified cheque only) along with your photo ID.

Fee Schedule

For a detailed list of all the police documents available for release and their accompanying fees (taxes included), see the Transit Police Fee Schedule.

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