December 5, 2023

The first class of Transit Police Community Safety Officers graduates

New Westminster – Transit Police is pleased to announce that the first wave of Community Safety Officers (CSOs) will graduate from their 17-week training program on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023. The ten CSOs will then begin patrolling the transit system with their assigned squads at the start of next week.

Community Safety Officers are a new category of frontline Transit Police employee who will supplement patrol police officers. They will provide additional uniformed visibility on the transit system and address low risk incidents that do not necessarily require the full powers and tools of a police officer.

Transit Police Community Safety Officers will help deliver a community-focused approach to keeping transit safe. In addition to regular patrol duties, CSOs will assist with tasks such as the collection of video evidence, outside perimeter security at police incidents, providing support at major events and emergencies, and other responsibilities. The CSOs all have customer service experience, know first aid and have the skills needed to help address the social and policing issues found on and around the transit system in Metro Vancouver.

“It’s exciting to see the Community Safety Officers program come to fruition. Their status as peace officers will empower CSOs to enforce transit bylaws and the transit conduct and safety regulations, bringing a new level of safety to the transit system. ” – Constable Amanda Steed

“My classmates and I are excited to graduate after several intense months of classroom and field training. We feel ready and excited to be deployed into the community, and are looking forward to helping everyone feel safe while they use transit in the Lower Mainland” – Kevin Regush, CSO graduating class valedictorian

The next class of ten CSOs will begin their training on November 6th. Learn more about the Community Safety Officers at transitpolice.ca/CSO

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