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Commitment to Strengthen Support to Indigenous Peoples

The Metro Vancouver Transit Police Board recognizes the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Calls to Action of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The Police Board acknowledges that the history of colonialism in Canada and forced assimilation policies of the Indian Act have contributed to the continued overrepresentation of Indigenous Peoples within the Canadian criminal justice system.

In many Canadian institutions, there exists unconscious bias, systemic racism and discrimination, and this continues to keep First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples marginalized and in fear of police and government.

The Transit Police Service, with the support of the Police Board, is committed to working towards reconciliation, building trust, and promoting better relationships and engagement between Indigenous communities and the police.

The Police Board recognizes the importance of listening and learning about the effects of intergenerational trauma and the recognition of the past, and the need to protect the human rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Police Board acknowledges the past negative experiences of Indigenous Peoples with authority of the government and police. Therefore, to help reduce overrepresentation in the criminal justice system and create change, it is essential that police officers employ respectful, fair and impartial policing practices.

In collaboration with urban and traditional Indigenous community partners, the Police Board will pursue reconciliation opportunities within its decisions and actions to help improve health and safety outcomes for Indigenous Peoples. The Police Board, in collaboration with the Transit Police Service, will continue to support and develop culturally appropriate and legally informed policies, practices, and initiatives. With the guidance of the Indigenous Liaison Unit, the Police Board and Transit Police staff will seek opportunities to engage with Indigenous communities and groups, with the aim of building open and trusting relationships.

Indigenous Art Piece COLOUR - resized

An original Indigenous Art Piece that was created for Metro Vancouver Transit Police by First Nations artist Christine Mackenzie.

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