Quick Work results in Truck Thief being caught

Maple Ridge, B.C. – Mission and Ridge Meadows RCMP, along with a member of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police (MVTP) have arrested 39 year old Kevin James Vanderwal after he was allegedly seen driving a stolen pickup truck.

Around 8:20 a.m. Monday November 21st Ridge Meadows RCMP received a report of a Ford F350 pickup being stolen from a residence in the 11000 block of 236A Street during the night before.

At approximately 2:40 p.m. Monday members of Mission RCMP observed the truck travelling on Silverdale Avenue in Mission. Police followed the truck at a safe distance, and at no time did a police pursuit take place. Ridge Meadows RCMP officers were alerted that the truck was travelling into Maple Ridge.

The aggressive driving exhibited by the male driver was noticed by an off duty MVTP officer who saw the truck stop and the male driver got out and run. This officer pursued the suspect on foot, apprehending him a short distance away, and he was turned over to Ridge Meadows RCMP.

Corporal Brenda Winpenny said, “What is very note worthy is all officers involved minimized, as best they could, the danger to the public. Mr. Vanderwal is very well known to police in both Mission and Ridge Meadows and he has a long criminal record for similar crimes. Police also want to commend the actions of the citizens who assisted in the arrest, ensuring the off duty officer was safe.”

Transit Police Chief Doug LePard added ,”I am very proud of S/Sergeant Henycez for the actions he took even though off duty. Our successes as police departments often hinge on our partnerships with one another. This is an excellent example of two agencies working together to take someone who is a risk to our communities off the streets. Well done!”

Vanderwal was held in police custody, appearing in court on Tuesday (November 22) where he was remanded in custody. He is now before the courts on charges of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, obstructing a peace officer, dangerous driving, and failing to stop for police.

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