August 31, 2023

Transit Police make quick arrest after four people assaulted on SkyTrain

New Westminster – Metro Vancouver Transit Police have arrested a man after he allegedly assaulted four passengers following an altercation on SkyTrain.

On Wednesday, August 17th, 2022, just after midnight, a group of three young women boarded the SkyTrain at Main Street-Science World Station and sat down directly across from a man who was not known to them. As the train departed, the man allegedly started recording the women with his mobile phone, making them feel uncomfortable.

One of the women confronted the man about this behaviour and asked him to stop recording them. The man allegedly jumped up from his seat and punched her in the face. He then grabbed the hair of the second woman, placed her in a headlock, and attempted to kick her multiple times. The third woman tried to free her and was allegedly bit on the hand by the suspect.

A bystander who witnessed the altercation intervened and was allegedly bitten on the arm by the suspect. However, the momentary distraction he caused allowed the woman to break free and get to safety. Another passenger pressed the yellow emergency strip inside the SkyTrain, which alerted SkyTrain Control. Despite attempts by passengers to hold him at Joyce Station, the suspect broke free and fled.

Metro Vancouver Transit Police officers arrived at the scene quickly. They were assisted by multiple witnesses and, as a result, the suspect was soon located and arrested without incident. All of the victims were treated at the scene by BC Ambulance Service. One victim suffered injuries to their nail bed and the other victims suffered soft tissue injuries including bruising and swelling.

Transit Police are recommending multiples counts of assault and assault causing bodily harm for a 33-year-old man from New Westminster who is not known to police. The suspect was released from jail with conditions not to have contact with the victims and is scheduled to appear in court on September 26th 2022.

“Although Transit Police never recommend that anyone put themselves into harm’s way, we would like to thank the bystanders who helped this group of young women. Their actions help to send a very clear message that violence on transit will never be tolerated. We will continue to investigate this incident to the fullest and provide support to the victims and their family.” – Constable Amanda Steed

Anyone who may have witnessed this assault, but has not yet spoken to officers, is asked to contact Transit Police by phone at 604.515.8300 or by text at 87.77.77

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