December 8, 2016

Spirit of Christmas Alive and Well in Vancouver

Officer with a Homeless PersonThe kindness of a stranger was a reminder that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well in Vancouver. On December 1, 2016, just after 7 am, Metro Vancouver Transit Police officers, on patrol in the Waterfront Station area, saw a young woman on the corner of Cordova Street and Water Street. She was wearing only a t-shirt and pyjama pants and had bandages on one arm and a hospital ID bracelet on the other. The temperature was 3 degrees Celsius and the woman was shivering uncontrollably.

The woman told officers she had been released from hospital earlier following a drug overdose and was heading home. As officers were checking the story to confirm that the woman was not a hospital elopee, an unidentified male flight attendant, on his way to the airport, approached and asked her if she would like a jacket. He opened his suitcase, pulled out a jacket and, with her permission, helped her to put it on. The flight attendant spoke gently, with kind words to the woman, before walking quickly to the station.

The information the woman had provided proved to be correct and she gratefully headed home.

Transit Police employees, sworn and civilian, also keep the spirit of Christmas alive by donating socks for distribution to the many we encounter in need at this time of year.

“Sometimes the kindness of strangers is the greatest form of kindness that can be bestowed and received” said Transit Police Chief Doug LePard. “We thank this unidentified man for his selfless actions toward a young woman in need and I thank all our employees for their continued caring and giving spirit.”

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