May 30, 2016

Do you know these women?

201512 Do you know these womenNew Westminster – Metro Vancouver Transit Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying two young women who viciously attacked another woman at the Granville SkyTrain Station.

On September 19, 2015, at 25 minutes after midnight, two young women were yelling racial slurs and harassing non-caucasian passengers on the lower concourse level of the Granville SkyTrain Station. Another woman politely asked them to stop and was attacked by both women; punched, knocked to the ground, kicked and grabbed by the hair. She managed to break free and left the area, calling police. The two attackers boarded a westbound train heading for Waterfront Station.

The victim, who was naturally, very upset, suffered cuts and bruises, a black eye and injuries to one arm. She was transported to hospital for treatment.

The suspects are described as follows:

Suspect #1

Caucasian female, early 20’s, long straight brown hair, brown eyes, medium full-figured build, wearing a black mini-dress, short light coloured denim jacket, high heels and carrying a black and white clutch purse.

Suspect #2

Caucasian female, early 20’s, long straight brown hair, brown eyes, taller and slimmer than Suspect #1, wearing a black minidress, brown bootie style high heels, carrying a black jacket and a large black shoulder bag.

As the investigation into this incident has produced no productive leads, Transit Police are interested in anyone who may have witnessed this assault or can identify the suspects. If you have any information regarding this incident, please call 604-515-8300 (ref. file# 15-17058) or send us a text to 87 77 77.

Transit Police are committed to ensuring that all passengers on our transit system enjoy a ride free from harassment or assault of any kind. If you are the victim of or witness to any problem incident, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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