August 15, 2016

CBC Story Inaccurate


New Westminster – The CBC article: Victim of theft warns against citizen’s arrest after almost getting stabbed, published on April 6, 2016 contains inaccurate information about the actions of Transit Police.

Mr. Sears actually spoke to a SkyTrain Attendant upon his arrival at the scene. When the fight started it was the SkyTrain Attendant who called police.

Transit Police were first on the scene, arriving within six minutes and arresting the suspect. They initiated an investigation and then turned the suspect over to Vancouver Police on their arrival, as the incident actually occurred in Thornton Park, Vancouver Police Department’s jurisdiction.

Transit Police Chief Doug LePard states “I’m proud of my members and their rapid response to this call. We pride ourselves on getting to a scene as quickly as possible and taking the necessary action. Our officers intervened immediately and their quick response saved Mr. Sears from further injury and enabled the return of his property.”

Transit Police encourage anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to call police first and allow them to take the necessary action in a safe manner.

Transit Police is committed to maintaining order, promoting safety and reducing crime on the transit system in Metro Vancouver.

Remember if you see something, say something.

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