February 3, 2021

Community Policing Centre opens at Waterfront

On Tuesday, February 2, Metro Vancouver Transit Police will open its first Community Policing Centre (CPC), at Waterfront Station. Staffed by volunteers, the CPC will work in partnership with Transit Police, Vancouver Police, and TransLink frontline staff to help ensure safety in and around Waterfront Station, and the surrounding neighbourhood. The CPC will be based in the current Transit Police office at Waterfront Station, located just across from the A&W.

Volunteers will be working Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from noon until 5pm. Eventually, once COVID restrictions are lifted, the plan is for the CPC office to be open to the public during these times. Until then, volunteers will focus on assisting the public through proactive patrols and joint projects with policing and community partners.

The first Metro Vancouver Transit Police CPC was only made possible due to the generous contributions from community sponsors. DS Tactical, the premier police clothing and equipment supplier, is providing uniforms for the volunteers. The volunteers’ branded clothing will make them easily identifiable while keeping them protected from the elements thanks to DS Tactical. Meanwhile, EasyPark, known for providing safe, clean, friendly, convenient and affordable parking to the Greater Vancouver community, has provided tablets for the volunteers to use during their patrols. Tablets will allow volunteers to quickly retrieve information as they assist the public and vulnerable people in our community thanks to EasyPark. In addition, our valued partners at ICBC have been generous in their support, and we look forward to many collaborations with them on various safety campaigns.

Learn more: https://www.waterfrontcpc.com/

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