Development of a new Strategic Plan

In early 2020, Transit Police began the process of developing a new strategic plan. This included early environmental scanning and outreach with TransLink, transit passengers (via the TransLink Listens panel), police agency partners in Metro Vancouver, the Chiefs Community Council and Transit Police employees.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategic planning process was temporarily put on hold between March – September. The process resumed again in October 2020 as the Transit Police Board began to review and discuss the environmental scan information collected earlier in the year, with some updates made due to the impacts of COVID-19.

This process is currently continuing and a new strategic plan is expected to be completed by late 2021. In the interim, in November 2020 the Police Board authorized a one-year extension of the existing strategic plan, with an updated completion date now set as December 31, 2021.

2016-2021 Strategic Plan

The 2016-2021 Transit Police Strategic Plan has been informed by feedback received from many stakeholders, partners and customers. Our conversations identified clear opportunities to further demonstrate the value of a service with an expertise in policing a moving city.

2016-2020 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Updates

The Strategic Plan Updates provide an insight into how Transit Police has been implementing the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2020 Yean End Update
Strategic Plan 2020 Semi-annual Update
Strategic Plan 2019 Year End Update
Strategic Plan 2019 Semi-annual Update
Strategic Plan 2018 Year End Update
Strategic Plan 2017 Year End Update
Strategic Plan 2016 Year End Update

Transit Police 2016-2020 Strategic Plan Video