February 5, 2016

Transit Police Puppy Naming Contest

February 5, 2016

Metro Vancouver Transit Police have a new puppy in training as an explosives sniffing dog and need help in finding the perfect name for her.

Out puppy is a 10 month old, female, chocolate lab with beautiful amber eyes and she is very clever, full of puppy fun and extremely loving.

We are asking students from K thru 12 to enter a contest by giving us a name they think would be perfect for our puppy. The contest runs from February 3, 2016 to February 12, 2016. Entries must be in before midnight on February 12, 2016 to be eligible.

The student who provides the winning name will win a visit to their school from the puppy and her police offer handler for a presentation, as well as a bag of special goodies.

Entries should be submitted to: namethepuppycontest@transitpolice.bc.ca

Join us in giving our puppy the perfect start to her police career.

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