August 23, 2017

Social Media Posting Sparks Investigation

Metro Vancouver Transit Police have initiated an investigation after becoming aware of several videos posted on Facebook involving offensive language being used on a SkyTrain in Burnaby.

The incident being investigated occurred Monday afternoon at approximately 2 pm, August 21, 2017, on the Millennium Line, heading to VCC-Clark Station, between Sperling/Burnaby Lake Station and Brentwood Town Centre Station. The yellow emergency strip in the train was pressed alerting a SkyTrain Attendant, at Brentwood Town Centre Station, that there was a problem on the incoming train. Two Transit Police officers on patrol in the station were advised and boarded the train on its arrival.

The officers spoke to a woman who advised that another woman had been swearing at an elderly couple on the train and then stated that woman had left the train at Holdom Station. The elderly couple were spoken to by the officers but advised they were fine and didn’t want any police involvement.

Once the videos were reviewed by Transit Police, it was determined that the aggressor in this situation had used profane and racially slanted language toward the elderly couple and an investigation was launched.

The suspect has been identified by Transit Police as a 75 year old New Westminster woman. She is known to police for documented anger related issues in the past but there is nothing documented that would indicate there is a concern for public safety.

The two witnesses who posted the videos will be interviewed shortly. The suspect will then be interviewed with a discussion and warning about her behaviour and conduct when using the transit system.

We are committed to ensuring our passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable ride when on the transit system. There is no place for offensive language, of any kind, on our buses, trains, SeaBuses or in our stations.

Anyone who witnesses offensive language, or anything else that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe while using the system, is strongly encouraged to text us directly at 87 77 77 so that we can deploy our officers as quickly as possible. Passengers can also press the yellow strip on the trains or use the intercom system near the train car doors to summon assistance.

Text us directly and discreetly at 87 77 77 or call us at 604-515-8300. See Something, Say Something!

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