August 15, 2016

Partnership Raises Awareness about Harassment and Offers Tips for Bystanders

New Westminster – Metro Vancouver Transit Police and Hollaback! Vancouver have teamed up to raise awareness about harassment on transit and share tips on how bystanders can play a role in making a difference.

International Anti-Street Harassment Week is from April 12 to 18. Harassment is not harmless. It makes people feel uncomfortable, threatened and isolated. In recognition of Anti-Street Harassment week, Transit Police and Hollaback! Vancouver encourages bystanders to speak up and take action by following the four D’s:

  1. Direct intervention – ask the person if they need help?
  2. Delegate – call for help. Report non-emergency issues to Transit Police by text 87-77-77 or call 604-515-8300.
  3. Distract – give the person being harassment an out. For example, act like you know them and begin a conversation.
  4. Delay – check in with the person afterwards to see if they need help.

Download the Hollaback app to see what harassment looks like in Vancouver. Report non-emergency issues by text to 87-77-77 or download OnDuty, the Metro Vancouver Transit Police app. The app also enables bystanders to safety and discreetly report non-emergency incidents on transit and track crime hotspots from a mobile device.

Join the conversation using the hashtags #SeeSay and #ItsNotACompliment to show your support. Imagine if everyone found harassment unacceptable?

Remember if you see something, say something.

OnDuty Mobile App

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