The Transit Police uses a service called (“Crime Reports”) to provide the public with crime data. The data is presented on a “Google” map along with a brief narrative. Crime Reports is managed by Public Engines, Inc., and relies on information from Transit Police files.

Importantly, the data displayed on Crime Reports does not include all types of offences, and does not necessarily reflect the total number of incidents for a given time period in a given area. In addition, the data may sometimes indicate where an incident was reported, as opposed to where an incident occurred. In order to protect the integrity of police investigations, and the privacy of victims, witnesses and suspects, Crime Reports does not map private addresses. Further, the data does not include statistics reported to the Canadian Centre for Justice.

Users of Crime Reports should be aware that, while we make every effort to provide the most accurate data possible, the data displayed may contain errors. The Transit Police does not guarantee the completeness, timeliness or accuracy of any of the data displayed by Crime Reports. The Transit Police provides this data as a courtesy to the public, and assumes no liability for the acts or omissions of persons who access Crime Reports or the data contained therein.

Although the Transit Police does not charge for the use of Crime Reports, users may be charged data fees from their internet service providers.